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Wholesale Organic Mace

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Mace is a sweet, warm, and woody spice that the wholesale organic mace distributor derives from the dried waxy coating of the nutmeg seed. This yellowish-brown spice has a good amount of vitamin A and C, along with iron, calcium, carotenes, copper, and magnesium, making it a very healthy and nutritious ingredient.


Product Description:

Mace is a spice made from the waxy red covering that surrounds nutmeg seeds, found between the exterior fruit and the internal seed, and it takes the form of bright waxy red bands which surround the seed.  It is basically a dried yellow-reddish covering.  Mace’s flavor makes as an important ingredient in various dishes to enhance the taste of food. It is one of the natural herbs that are useful in medicine and cooking.


Volatile Oil: 15.0% Min

Moisture:  8.0% Max

Ash: 5.0% Max

Acid Insoluble Ash: 0.5% Max

Origin: Indonesia

Packing: 10 Kgs. in Carton box.

MOQ: 2-5 MT

Lead Time: 15-30 Days depending on MOQ after receiving deposit.

Payment: 30% deposit upon order confirmation, balance by L/C at Sight or bank transfer.

Find the Top-Most Wholesale Organic Mace Distributor of Thailand

Do you wish to make your food more delicious? Are you looking for a perfect spice to add to your savory dishes? Then we welcome you to Lintas Era Co., Ltd., a professional wholesale organic mace exporter that provides you with the most nutritious spice, Mace. We attain this red lacy coating from the Nutmeg tree. The taste of the Mace feels like a combo of pepper and cinnamon. We, as the premier wholesale organic mace distributor, offer you this fresh spice that you can directly take out of the jars and sprinkle on the top of baked goods. The Mace is also ground and blended with other spices by the wholesale organic mace supplier according to the customer’s demands. 

Premium Wholesale Organic Mace Exporter Offering the Best Flavoring Agent

Lintas is a corporate of well-experienced wholesale organic mace distributor that comprehends all the requirements of our customers and makes the delivery of their favorite flavoring agent possible, and that is the Mace. We, as the most in-demand wholesale organic mace exporter, deliver this supreme quality Mace to International food chains, and grocery stores, and spice shops. This Mace provided by the wholesale organic mace supplier is found in most spice sections and is beneficial in all ways.

Benefits of Mace Provided by the Wholesale Organic Mace Supplier

Lintas is a firm of the most reliable wholesale organic mace supplier that makes sure that you receive the freshest Mace that can render you with the following benefits.

Mace helps in fighting gastric issues, from upset stomach to diarrhea.

Mace helps in reducing inflammation.

Mace has antioxidant properties.

Mace fights the bacteria and fungi in your CNS.

Mace is used as a folk medicine to treat symptoms of different diseases.

Why Choose Lintas for Mace?

We immensely take pride in announcing that our customers believe in us and consider us the most trusted wholesale organic mace exporter because of the top-quality of Mace we provide as well as for our brilliant customer care services. The Mace we provide is not only beneficial for your health but is also great in taste. This tasty spice provided by the wholesale organic mace supplier can be added in sauces, cheese dishes, soups, as well as poultry and fish recipes. You can also get these top-quality flavoring agents from the wholesale organic mace exporter in tight-sealed and appealing jars.