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Wholesale Nutmeg

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Nutmeg is an essential spice that is used for various purposes around the world. They are commonly used for the seasoning of soups, meat, vegetables, and seafood. The use of nutmeg in the food industry has been crucial as they are used for purposes like liquor production and manufacturing of various essential oils. The demand for nutmeg has been tremendously increasing around the world, and we, as the pioneer in the field, offer the best quality nutmeg that you cannot find at other wholesale nutmeg nuts suppliers. We, as a business are very proud to be one of the leading wholesale nutmeg exporters who have a client base spread across the world. We are capable of providing the nutmeg at a large scale, making us one of the most organized wholesale Nutmeg distributors with a dedicated supply chain.


Product Description:

Nutmeg is a spice made by crushing the seed of the fragrant nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) tree into powder. The spice has a strong, distinctive, and warm, slightly sweet taste, and it’s commonly used in applications such as making different liquors, baking items, desserts, and in the making of different essential oils. The nutmeg is native to Asia and is cultivated in countries like India, Malaysia, and some parts of Indonesia. These countries are home to a few of the finest wholesale Nutmeg suppliers, and we take great pride in being one of them. The nutmegs that we provide are of the finest quality and have all the qualities that you can need in a nutmeg. They are produced by organic means without the addition of any additives to maintain the original taste. The nutmeg comes in a dry texture, and we ensure that the packaging of our products is done in a way that doesn’t get exposed to any moisture to maintain the perfect condition of the product. We, as an industry-leading wholesale nutmeg exporter, ensure that our prices are the most affordable for our clients so we can offer the best service with the promise of quality. Our responsibility as a renowned wholesale Nutmeg distributor is to make sure that we provide timely delivery, and for that cause, our dedicated team works tirelessly to provide the best possible delivery services.


Color:  Light Brown
Shape:  Oval
Type:  Dried
Drying Process:  Air Dried
Processing Type:  Raw
Moisture:    10%   Max.
Impurity:   0.5% Max.
Origin:   Indonesia
Packing:  50 kgs. Bags.
MOQ :   5 MT
Lead Time:   With 3-4 weeks after receiving the deposit
Payment:    30 % deposit upon order confirmation, balance by L/C At Sight or bank transfer

Leading Nutmeg Exporter

We are the pioneers of the nutmeg exporter circle, and we ensure that the quality of products that we provide is better than any other wholesale nutmeg supplier. We can provide the best quality dried nutmeg that can be used for various domestic and commercial purposes. We use aur-drying methods to ensure that the shelf life of the nutmegs is increased and there’s no exposure to moisture to maintain the quality standards.

Benefits of Nutmeg

·         Nutmegs are a common spice used for various purposes, including baking and making of different essential oils.

·         They have characteristics that make them sweet in taste with a unique fragrance

·         The nutmeg can be used for seasoning purposes for different dishes, including seafood-based dishes