Wholesale Betel Nuts, Areca Nuts

  • Wholesale Betel Nuts, Areca Nuts

Wholesale Betel Nuts, Areca Nuts

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The demand for the betel nut is tremendously increasing around the world, and a variety of nuts can be found at various wholesale betel nuts suppliers. Many countries are home to a few of the industry-leading wholesale betel nuts exporters. We offer the finest quality of betel nuts that qualify to be used for various purposes, including the medical field, in which their demand is enormous due to the usage of the material in the making of various medicines. We can provide betel nuts in large quantities according to the brief provided by different customers.


Product Description:

The betel nut is a seed of a tree called Areca Catechu, which is found in different areas of Asia and Africa. Its use is commonly prevalent throughout the globe, and the chemical composition of the nut is varied depending on the type and the place of origin, containing a number of psychoactive alkaloids, with arecoline being present in the highest quantity. Many wholesale betel nuts suppliers offer different prices for various types of betel nut depending on the purpose of application but what differentiates us from the rest is the quality of betel nuts that we provide.  Different forms of these nuts can be found worldwide at various locations as they are commonly available in numerous forms at many wholesale betel nuts distributors. Countries like India and Indonesia are few of the homes of many wholesale betel nuts exporters.


Place of Origin:    Thailand/Indonesia

Processing Type:    Sun Dry

Packing:   in gunny sack 60-80 kgs. /sack

MOQ:   1 x 20’ FCL   18 MT or   1 x 40’ FCL  27 MT  

Shelf Life:      18 months

Lead Time:    Within 30 days after receiving the deposit

Payment:      30-50% Deposit by bank transfer upon order confirmation.  Balance by L/C at Sight or  

                      bank Transfer


Leading Betel Nuts Exporter

We are the pioneers of the betel nuts exporter circle, and we ensure that the quality of products that we provide is better than any other wholesale betel nuts supplier.

Benefits of Betel Nuts

·         The betel nuts are used for the preparation of various medicines that are effective for many diseases, including disorders.

·         Betel nuts help to get rid of bad mouth odors and leaves a fresh smell as a result.

·         Chewing the betel nut stimulates the flow of saliva to allow easy digestion.

·         They can be found easily for medicine manufacturing purposes at various wholesale betel nuts distributors.

·         Betel is a masticatory and is chewed commonly in combination with tobacco.