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Wholesale Activate Carbon

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Product Description – Coconut Shell Charcoal:

Coconut Shell Charcoal is an essential product collected from coconut shells, which is utilized extensively as residential and manufacturing fuel. It is also used by factories and artists additionally for their purposes. But the most effective use of coconut shell charcoal is the production of activated Carbon. A wholesale activated carbon exporter like LintasEra offers activated carbon charcoal to make activated Carbon. Activated Carbon manufactured from coconut shell has defined benefits as the raw material can adsorb several molecules. Furthermore, because of its thickness, it helps maintain great durability and physical features. 

Manufacturing Processes Used by Wholesale Activated Carbon Supplier:

Heze Minshun Industry and Trade Co. LTD, a top-quality wholesale activated carbon supplier, manufactured the coconut shell, which is carbonized using a destructive distillation process. It helps in producing the product, which is not only high in quality but offers excellence. As a wholesale activated carbon distributor, we manufacture shell carbon by processing them in a modern carbonization reactor. The clean yet best processes are applied like pit, drum, and destructive methods to produce the activated Carbon. 

Specifications Offered by Prime Wholesale Activated Carbon Distributor – LintasEra:

·         Size: Natural size, mesh size 3x6 and 4x8

·         Moisture: less than 12%

·         Ash content: max 3%

·         Volatile: max 14%

·         Fixed Carbon: min 72%

·         Gross calorific value: min 30,000 kJ/kg

·         Packaging: 35kgs per pp woven bag

·         Container loading: 26 metric tons per 40ft container

What Is Activated Carbon Produced by Wholesale Activated Carbon Exporter:

LintasEra – a premium wholesale activated carbon supplier, is producing activated Carbon from coconut shell charcoal of value and quality. Activated Carbon is a granular material offered mostly after roasting charcoal from coconut shells or coal at 800 to 1000°C. The mentioned temperature is required to activate Carbon and remove impurities with the help of acid washing. 

Benefits Of Activated Carbon Offered by LintasEra:

we are known as a leading wholesale activated carbon exporter for our quality work. The primary use in pre-treatment is to extract out excessive chlorine and chloramines before reversing the osmosis. Osmosis helps in preventing the damage of the membrane, which is caused due to oxidation. Activated Carbon manufactured by wholesale activated carbon exporter is the finest aid in preserving low TOC standards and complementing UV oxidation. 

Activated Carbon reacts way too quickly with free chlorine in the water to produce chlorides. Chlorides are a relatively small volume of Carbon that is effective enough to work. Highly purified activated Carbon is highly operative in absorbing organic compounds and is used to eradicate remaining organic compounds in purified water. Due to the quality production of activated Carbon, we are now ranked as the topmost wholesale activated carbon supplier.