Organic Dried Stevia

  • Organic Dried Stevia
  • Organic Dried Stevia

Organic Dried Stevia

H.S. Code: 060490


The Organic Dried Stevia is a bushy shrub of the sunflower family. It is also named the Rebaudiana Bertoni. Stevia is a natural sweetener that is hundreds of times sweeter than table sugar yet is beneficial as it contains zero calories. It is used as a sugar alternative in different foods and beverages. 


H.S. Code: 0604.90 (Dried Leaves) H.S. Code 1302.19 (Powder)


Organic dried stevia from an organic farm, wind-dried to drain the water, and further process in a closed processing house. Multi purposes edible sweet-flavored leaves from which the sweetener can be extracted.


Origin: Thailand

Packing: 100 Aluminum Foil bag and put in corrugated box 5 kgs. per box.

MOQ: 100 kgs.

Delivery: Within 7 days after deposit

Payment: By Bank transfer 30% deposit upon order confirmation and balance before Shipment


Lintas- The Top-Tier Organic Dried Stevia Distributor of Thailand

Looking for an alternative to table sugar? Then find it here from the leading corporate of Thailand, Lintas Era Co., Ltd. (Lintas Era). We are a firm of well-reputed Organic Dried Stevia distributor that provides you with the best substitute of the table sugar, which is about 200 to 300 times sweeter than the table sugar and surprisingly without any carbs, calories, or any artificial ingredients. We, as your reliable organic dried stevia exporter, provide it to you from the leaves of the stevia plant. You can easily sprinkle the organic dried stevia in your food, like cereals, or blend it into the liquids to make the sweetest beverages.

Benefits you Get by Purchasing from the Organic Dried Stevia Exporter in Bulk!

Lintas is a well-renowned corporate of professional organic dried stevia distributor that provides you this quality granular powder in bulk and at wholesale rates that you can mix into your tea or coffee or any other beverage, and it would serve you with the following benefits.

  1. The organic dried stevia we provide is ideal for diabetic patients as it has no effect on insulin or blood glucose as there are no carbs or calories.
  2. You can add sweetness to your life by getting stevia from the organic dried stevia exporter and making it part of your well-balanced diet and still be free of diseases like obesity as it contains no calories.
  3. Another benefit of stevia is that it also does not contain any sterols or antioxidant compounds that eventually reduce the risks of pancreatic cancers.
  4. The glycosides present in the organic dried stevia can dilate your blood vessels. 
  5. The stevia provided by the organic dried stevia distributor can improve the taste and can maintain the freshness of any of your food items or beverage.

Why Choose Us?

We are here as your most trusted organic dried stevia exporter that gives you all reasons to shop here as we guarantee quality, economical rates, as well as superior services. Lintas is popular as the most in-demand organic dried stevia distributor as we provide you the best quality of this dried stevia in quality mason jars in bulk. We basically gather the bundles of the dried stevia after cutting the stems of the stevia leaves. Subsequently, we hang them on a cooling frame and allow them to dry under direct sunlight. After elimination of all the moisture, we remove the leaves and grind them into a powder and provide you with this freshest product.