Organic Dried Butterfly Blue Pea

  • Organic Dried Butterfly Blue Pea

Organic Dried Butterfly Blue Pea

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The organic dried butterfly blue pea is from the family of the Fabaceae plant. This blue pea, also known as the blue tea plant is used for cooking, dyeing, and in cosmetics since the beginning. The blue butterfly pea is rich in antioxidants and free of caffeine. This caffeine-free herbal pea or tea is made from a mixture of seeping dried and fresh leaves. 




Processed from fresh organic butterfly pea flowers, natural wind dried and further dried in close processing house to secure perfect nutrition from butterfly pea flowers.

Product Specifications:

Origin: Thailand

Packing: 100 grams in Aluminum Foil Bag and put in a corrugated box, 5 kgs. per box.

MOQ: 100 kgs.

Delivery: With 7 days after deposit.

Payment: By Bank transfer 30% deposit upon order confirmation and balance before Shipment

Get the Freshest Butterfly Blue Pea from the Premier Organic Dried Butterfly Blue Pea Distributor

Want to make your tea healthiest? Then buy the quality dried butterfly blue pea from the top-most organic dried butterfly blue pea distributor, Lintas Era Co., Ltd. (Lintas Era), and that too in bulk and at wholesale rates. As the name indicates, we make this blue pea from the flowers of the Clitoria Ternatea plant, which is completely blue in color. We, as your most reliable organic dried butterfly blue pea exporter, provide you this medicinal shrub as it is most beneficial for your health. This tastiest and healthiest organic dried butterfly blue pea is usually flavored with cinnamon, mint, ginger, and passion fruit, and the organic dried butterfly blue pea supplier provides it for both hot and cold food and beverages. The Malaysians love adding the organic dried butterfly blue pea in their dishes, such as Nasi Kerabu, which is basically a rice dish in which blue-colored rice is enjoyed with chicken or fried fish, as well as with salad pickles, and crackers.

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Lintas, as one of the top-notch organic dried butterfly blue pea distributor, provide you the best quality of this blue pea in bulk. You can make the magical portions, like the tea and coffee, by adding the freshest and dried blue pea in it provided by the most in-demand organic dried butterfly blue pea exporter. This amazing ingredient can serve you with the following benefits.

  1. The presence of catechins in the blue pea helps in burning belly fat. You can always add it to your detox diet.
  2. The earthy flavor of the dried blue pea provided by the organic dried butterfly blue pea supplier can work as your mood enhancer.
  3. This organic dried butterfly blue pea also improves your sugar levels in the blood which makes it ideal for diabetic patients.
  4. The flavonoids present in the dried blue pea offered by the organic dried butterfly blue pea distributor helps in fighting skin aging.
  5. It is also full of stress-relieving properties. 
  6. It maintains skin elasticity and is also proved to be the healthiest for your hair.
  7. It also facilitates digestion.

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Lintas, as your premier organic dried butterfly blue pea exporter, provides you with the finest quality of blue tea and also lets you experience the services which you deserve here. You can get this freshest tea that can act as a brain booster from the leading organic dried butterfly blue pea supplier. People from myriad parts of the world can get the best quality of this ingredient from us and enjoy it by adding it to make their different dishes. For example, in Thailand and Vietnam, it is taken as a supper or refreshment, usually post-dinner.