Explore the Best Uses and Benefits of Coconut Shell Charcoal

Explore the Best Uses and Benefits of Coconut Shell Charcoal

Coconut shell charcoal is natural and eco-friendly biofuel that is obtained from coconut shells. This environmental-friendly charcoal can be used as an alternative to fuelwood, kerosene, and other fossil fuels. Let’s discuss in this article the incredible uses and benefits of it.

Applications of the Coconut Shell Charcoal

The top uses of the coconut shell charcoal are the following.

Food Sectors

This biofuel provided by the coconut shell charcoal provider has some incredible food-grade properties that make them well-suited for food-related applications, such as to make charcoal briquettes for shisha, cooking, and barbeque. The coconut shell charcoal also renders a tempting aroma to different traditional foods and barbeques and which is why it is most commonly used as an alternative to regular charcoal.

Teeth Whitener

This eco-friendly product is even beneficial for your teeth because it can also work as a teeth whitener. Coconut soaps, for a very long time, are already used as a remedy for teeth and oral health. Recently, it was discovered that coconut shell charcoal can also work as a natural teeth whitener and render amazing results to those who have yellow or dark teeth.

Animal Feed

Another incredible use of shell charcoal is related to animal feed. Farm animals, including cattle, pigs, and poultry consumes coconut shell charcoal. This way leads to greater meat production. Some studies even prove that these animals fed with coconut shells give more milk. The coconut charcoal is considered a suitable feed to increase weight and minimizes the risks of any disease occurring in these farm animals.

Benefits of Coconut Shell Charcoal

Detoxification Support

Coconut shell charcoal is most popularly used as a detoxifying agent. This means that these shells have the power to remove toxins and any unwanted substances from the body. These detoxifying properties are enhanced even more during the adsorption process. Here the positively charged toxin particles and other detrimental substances stick to the negatively charged particles of porous coconut charcoal. This way the coconut charcoal can bind all the toxin particles due to the presence of several minute pores that emits them out of the body.

Cleansing Agent

Besides being a detoxifying agent, shell charcoal is also considered a cleansing agent for our body. Just like the porous form of coconut charcoal binds all the toxins, they also have the power to bind the bile acids and eradicate them out of the body. This natural remedy is imperative because you are basically expelling certain toxic compounds with poisonous bile acids. These can even eliminate heavy metals from our bodies, such as mercury or lead.

Aid against Bloating

Another clinically proven advantage offered by coconut charcoal is that it's a natural remedy for bloating and flatulence. It is also used as a medicine and a regular dose of 500 mg taken before meals relieves you from issues like bloating. It can also be consumed to prevent other abdominal discomforts.