Cool Things That You Can Make Using the Butterfly Pea Flowers

Cool Things That You Can Make Using the Butterfly Pea Flowers

Butterfly pea flowers are no less than a marvel of nature’s unmatched excellence. They have an extraordinary natural coloring ability that makes them similar to litmus paper. They change their color profiles depending on the environment and the acidic change that might occur in different cases. There are different possibilities that might occur with the butterfly pea flowers as they are capable of changing their color scheme ranging between a light pink/purple or deep violet.

Butterfly pea flowers can be classified as a natural color dye that has been used in Asian cuisines for centuries. It should be known that the flowers often resemble female genitalia and are popularly consumed as a tea-like beverages all across the world. The colorful aesthetic that these flowers enjoy has made them a popular choice among the masses. A huge chunk of butterfly blue pea exporter network is situated in South East Asia, where this flower is found in abundance.

Here are some cool things that you can do with the blue butterfly pea.

Consume with Water

The simplest yet interesting thing that you can do with the butterfly pea flowers is that you can add them to your lemon water and watch it turn into a pleasing purplish mixture. Due to the acidic attributes of lemon water, the colorful flowers put their part in making the lemon water turn blue, providing them a pleasing look and feel. The same thing can be done with only water, although the color profile might be a bit different than the regular purple that you might get with a lemon water mixture.

Bring Twist to Your Lemonade

Are you tired of having the boring lemonade every now and then? If yes, then we have a fix for you. You can use the butterfly pea flowers to make your boring lemonade turn into a colorful and pleasant affair. It can be the perfect ingredient to add in a lemonade if you are planning to throw it at a party and want to do something different with the drink’s menu at your home.

Colorful Slushes

Who doesn’t love slushes? But the thing is that the slushes that are commonly available at different beverage stores have become boring and outdated. The news for you is that you can make yourself a pleasant-looking colorful glass of slush at home using the wondrous abilities of butterfly pea flowers. The use of these flowers will not only make the slush look dreamy but will provide a much-needed boost to the taste of your slush. The next time you decide to have something interesting, do consider checking out the slush that you can make using these natural food-grade color dyes. Different restaurants and cafes have opted for these flowers and have added different food and drink items on their menus, making the masses intrigued and hooked to the variety of options that you can choose when using these beautifully colored natural dye flowers.