Lintas Era Co., Ltd. – Certified Exporter

Do you wish to make your food much tastier? then you have found the right place because lintas era co., ltd. (lintas era) is one of the top-most firms that can provide you with a variety of different organic ingredients and spices that can add great flavor and aroma to any of your food. We have a wide range of incredible products to offer you, including cloves, nutmeg, black pepper, fresh matured gingers, cinnamon, agarwood powder, and whatnot. Our supplied products not only enhance the taste of your food but are also beneficial for your health in myriad ways. We offer you these delicious food spices and ingredients in bulk and at wholesale rates so that you can succeed your businesses and continue trading with us for a lifetime.

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Enjoy Superior Services

Lintas makes it possible to provide you such items that are otherwise hard to find everywhere. We harvest the aromatic spices from the amazing spice islands of Indonesia and make the delivery possible within the promised time. We strive hard and try our best to not let down our patrons with any delayed shipments and make sure to satisfy them with our services. We take immense pride in enjoying the position of most reliable distributors and suppliers of Thailand. Our services are not restricted to one region but for all, no matter in which corner of the world you are located.

High Quality

We make sure you get the supreme quality of all the spices and food ingredients we deliver to you. Our quality assurance sector makes sure that you get the freshest items in their best quality.

Lead Time

Lintas has a team of well-experienced and well-skilled personnel that provides you with the premium quality of food items. Our goal is to render our clients with the best quality, best services, and affordable rates that make us the most in-demand exporters in the world market.


We make sure that we impress our customers with our excellent management, and for that, we take complete lead time assurance. Our efficient team starts working on your orders as soon as you place them.


We have the most economical rates to offer our customers as we supply our products in bulk. As our first priority is definitely our customers, we try to satisfy them with our prices as well.


We Bring Trust And Ethical Standards
To The Global Trade

Your True Partner in Excellence

Lintas has always been your real partner in excellence. We process high-speed operations in Indonesia and Thailand and provide you with the hard-to-find ingredients and spices with appropriate packaging so that you may receive them in their best condition. We are known worldwide for our brilliant customer-care services and are also internationally certified. This proves Lintas value in the global trading market.