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Do you wish to make your food much tastier? then you have found the right place because lintas era co., ltd. (lintas era) is one of the top-most firms that can provide you with a variety of different organic ingredients and spices that can add great flavor and aroma to any of your food. We have a wide range of incredible products to offer you, including cloves, nutmeg, black pepper, fresh matured gingers, cinnamon, agarwood powder, and whatnot. Our supplied products not only enhance the taste of your food but are also beneficial for your health in myriad ways. We offer you these delicious food spices and ingredients in bulk and at wholesale rates so that you can succeed your businesses and continue trading with us for a lifetime.

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Lintas makes it possible to provide you such items that are otherwise hard to find everywhere. We harvest the aromatic spices from the amazing spice islands of Indonesia and make the delivery possible within the promised time. We strive hard and try our best to not let down our patrons with any delayed shipments and make sure to satisfy them with our services. We take immense pride in enjoying the position of most reliable distributors and suppliers of Thailand. Our services are not restricted to one region but for all, no matter in which corner of the world you are located.

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We make sure you get the supreme quality of all the spices and food ingredients we deliver to you. Our quality assurance sector makes sure that you get the freshest items in their best quality.

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Lintas has a team of well-experienced and well-skilled personnel that provides you with the premium quality of food items. Our goal is to render our clients with the best quality, best services, and affordable rates that make us the most in-demand exporters in the world market.


We make sure that we impress our customers with our excellent management, and for that, we take complete lead time assurance. Our efficient team starts working on your orders as soon as you place them.


We have the most economical rates to offer our customers as we supply our products in bulk. As our first priority is definitely our customers, we try to satisfy them with our prices as well.


Oct 18,2021

Cool Things That You Can Make Using the Butterfly Pea Flowers

Butterfly pea flowers are no less than a marvel of nature’s unmatched excellence. They have an extraordinary natural coloring ability that makes them similar to litmus paper. They change their color profiles depending on the environment and the acidic change that might occur in different cases. There are different possibilities that might occur with the butterfly pea flowers as they are capable of changing their color scheme ranging between a light pink/purple or deep violet. Butterfly pea flowers can be classified as a natural color dye that has been used in Asian cuisines for centuries. It should be known that the flowers often resemble female genitalia and are popularly consumed as a tea-like beverages all across the world. The colorful aesthetic that these flowers enjoy has made them a popular choice among the masses. A huge chunk of butterfly blue pea exporter network is situated in South East Asia, where this flower is found in abundance. Here are some cool things that you can do with the blue butterfly pea. Consume with Water The simplest yet interesting thing that you can do with the butterfly pea flowers is that you can add them to your lemon water and watch it turn into a pleasing purplish mixture. Due to the acidic attributes of lemon water, the colorful flowers put their part in making the lemon water turn blue, providing them a pleasing look and feel. The same thing can be done with only water, although the color profile might be a bit different than the regular purple that you might get with a lemon water mixture. Bring Twist to Your Lemonade Are you tired of having the boring lemonade every now and then? If yes, then we have a fix for you. You can use the butterfly pea flowers to make your boring lemonade turn into a colorful and pleasant affair. It can be the perfect ingredient to add in a lemonade if you are planning to throw it at a party and want to do something different with the drink’s menu at your home. Colorful Slushes Who doesn’t love slushes? But the thing is that the slushes that are commonly available at different beverage stores have become boring and outdated. The news for you is that you can make yourself a pleasant-looking colorful glass of slush at home using the wondrous abilities of butterfly pea flowers. The use of these flowers will not only make the slush look dreamy but will provide a much-needed boost to the taste of your slush. The next time you decide to have something interesting, do consider checking out the slush that you can make using these natural food-grade color dyes. Different restaurants and cafes have opted for these flowers and have added different food and drink items on their menus, making the masses intrigued and hooked to the variety of options that you can choose when using these beautifully colored natural dye flowers. 

Sep 29,2021

Various Methods for Storing Betel Nuts During Transportation

The Betel (Piper betel) is a leaf of a vine belonging to the Piperaceae family, which includes Pepper and Kava, is a shade-loving perennial root climber. Betel nuts have had a socioeconomic impact on different parts of the world as there are ancient signs that indicate the importance of the betel nut.  Betel nuts are mostly consumed in Asia and in other parts of the world by the Asian diaspora. Countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bourbon, and West India are the places that are commercially cultivating the betel leaves due to the rising demand among the populations. India is the largest producer, and Bangladesh is the second-largest producer, following Sri Lanka that produces a considerable amount of betel nut. The South Asian countries produce the best quality betel nuts, and that is the reason why they have a huge demand in different parts of the world. Storing betel nuts can be a challenging task as they tend to go bad if not stored properly in certain conditions. If there's a need to store betel nuts for transportation purposes, then it's important then some important measures are put in place to preserve the juiciness of the material. There are various methods that have been introduced by the producers that help them in keeping the products in their true form without compromising the quality of the final product that reaches the customer. Advancements have been made in the betel nut industry, including the rising interest of betel nut producers in investing in various cold storage containers that can hold a considerable amount of betel nuts if needed for transportation to different parts of the world. Here are a few methods for storing betel nuts for transportation. Room Temperature The most common way to store the betel nuts is to store them at room temperature as they are already a dried product, so there shouldn't be any problem. Storing the betel nuts at a certain room temperature can help in preserving them for a long time while keeping the properties intact. Refrigeration Refrigeration is another option that is used by different manufacturers to restore the freshness and juiciness of the betel nuts when they are aiming to transport them to different customers. They can stay in perfect condition for a considerable amount of time, so it's better to have them refrigerated when betel nuts are meant to travel for a long period. Freezing It might come as a surprise for different people but freezing the betel nuts is a common practice that has been followed by different manufacturers when the items are supposed to be shipped on a longer route. The freezing temperatures help the betel nuts to retain their taste and essence for a brief amount of time so they can stay in perfect condition even after they are received by the customer. Different players in the betel nut supplier market use this technique to ensure that their products are preserved and provided to the client with the freshness that is expected from the highest quality betel nuts.

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